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Moving and Packing Tips From a Boston Moving Company

Moving can be an extremely stressful task. Whether it’s moving to a different street or a completely different city, the process of packing up your life can be exhausting. However, there are many professional moving and packing tips you can follow to avoid as much stress as possible.

moving and packing tips

Keep reading for the top moving and packing tips!

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is the best way to deal with the stress of moving. A great example of this is to make a moving checklist. This checklist can include a variety of things you need to do at different times. For example, sourcing estimates from moving companies, acquiring Boston moving permits, canceling utilities, etc. 

With a checklist, you can make sure you complete your move in stages, starting with the things needing to be done months in advance and ending with tasks that need to get done at the very end. It can relieve stress to see every part of your move in writing, plus nothing can replace the satisfactory feeling of checking off a box!

Moving and Packing Tips – Use a Local Moving Company

Another great way to avoid stress is to enlist the help of moving professionals. You can coordinate with local moving services and determine the time that is best for both parties. This can help avoid common injuries from moving heavy boxes to and from your house. Additionally, professional, careful movers know how to best organize boxes in their moving van to be as efficient as possible.

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Moving and Packing Tips – Inventory Your Items

A common mistake with moving is underestimating just how many items you own. Try creating an inventory of your items. Prepare more packing supplies than you might need and figure out how to organize items together in the moving van to use the space to your advantage. 

If you feel like you have too many items for one trip, look into a local warehouse to store some of your possessions. 

Get Rid of Unnecessary Things

A very important task when moving is actually going through what you own and purging items. Go through each room in your house and create piles: keep, trash, and give away. This process streamlines packing and unpacking, preventing you from filling boxes with things you’ll never use.

Categorize Boxes

One of the biggest tips for packing boxes is categorizing! Designate boxes for certain rooms or items and label them. Fill one box with bathroom essentials, another with towels, and another with kitchen plates and bowls. This can make unpacking an easy task instead of a stressful mess. 

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