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Boston Moving Permits – When Do I Need One?

Boston is a wonderful city with lots of fun activities to do. However, if you’re preparing for your move to Boston, there’s no denying you’ll need a parking spot. It’s important to get a good idea of what area of Boston you’re moving to and what requirements are needed for your parking reservation. Here’s what you need to know about Boston parking permits and when to schedule your reservation. 

boston moving permits

Boston Moving Permits – Why Should You Reserve a Parking Spot?

Simply put, Boston parking permits make your moving day a lot easier. Boston is a busy city, especially during certain times of the year and in specific metro areas. Reserving a parking spot saves you a lot of time and makes it easier to traverse busier parts of the city. Ideally, you want to select a parking spot that’s conveniently located near your new home. Plus, reserved parking spots ensure your vehicles won’t get towed or annoy other residents. 

When to Schedule a Reservation

Reservations are recommended at least three days before your move. Some people say that 2-3 weeks in advance is the ideal time to make a reservation before others take the best spots. If you live in a metered part of Boston, reserve your parking spot two days ahead of time. You can purchase a one-day permit that allows you to use a parking spot from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Remember that you can’t apply for a parking spot more than four weeks before your move. 

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Fees and Application

New or current Boston residents can apply for their parking permit online or in person at City Hall. In-person applications must be submitted on the second floor of Boston City Hall by visiting the Parking Clerk’s Office. Fees will vary depending on how much space you need, if you’re moving to a metered location, or whether you’d like signs to designate your spot. Generally speaking, the average Boston parking permit will cost between $80-120.

Posting Your Permit

We recommend posting your parking permit at least 48 hours before you start moving into your new home and 24 hours before if you live in a metered area. Make sure it’s within your designated parking space, and post your city hall flyers in areas that can be visibly seen. If you don’t purchase official signs from city hall, create makeshift signs out of cardboard. Professional movers must be notified of your reservation location a few hours before arriving. 

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