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Moving anywhere outside of the New England area is considered a long distance move, regardless of where in the continental U.S. you are headed. We focus on making such a large undertaking as easy as possible for our customers. Charges for long distance moves are based upon the list of items being moved and destination delivery location.

Below are some helpful tips when moving long distance

  • Take an inventory of your items before you contact your mover. This will help your moving consultant provide you with an accurate quote because he/she will be well aware of everything you are moving. If you are moving a larger home(3 bedroom apartment or house), please consider our free in-home estimates.
  • Take all essential items with you. Long distance moves take time to be delivered. The delivery window varies based on distance and your first available delivery date.
  • Knowing your first available delivery date is very important when moving long distance. This helps your mover know when you are ready to receive your items. Your delivery window begins on the day you are first ready to receive your itemsat your new home, therefore, if you did not inform your mover of your first available delivery date, it is important to notify your mover as soon as you know it.
  • Shipping a small amount of items?(Less/equal to a studio) Consider shipping with our freight option. They ship your items at a low cost and generally faster than a professional moving service would.

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Outstanding Customer Service

Providing outstanding customer service is very important to us. We move hundreds of customers a month, many of whom are repeat customers and referrals. We see every move as an opportunity to build a new relationship with
our customers.