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We’re fully aware that professional moving services can be very expensive. So here we listed several suggestions to help you make the most out of your budget.


  • Try to book the move well in advance. Moving schedules are based upon availability; therefore if you book your move early you’ll probably receive the first tier rates for that day.
  • Move on “off” days. If there is some flexibility then try to avoid moving at the end of the month or weekends.
  • Pack yourself – Eagle Lines offers professional packing services but it costs money. We encourage customers to pack boxes themselves or at least the non-fragile items. We offer free box delivery for orders over $50 dollars. Your relocation coordinator will help you determine the amount of boxes you need and will provide any additional moving tips he/she believes will aid you in your move.
  • Be organized – Local moves are charged by the hour so every minute counts. Try to disassemble items prior to the arrival of the movers; mark the boxes you packed; be aware where to place the items at the new location, etc.
  • On interstate shipments try not to take items you do not need since the cost of the move is based on the volume of the shipment. Sometimes it’s more expensive to move an old item versus leaving it behind and get a new one at the destination. We can give you the cost of shipping each item so feel free to ask us regarding this matter.

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    Outstanding Customer Service

    Providing outstanding customer service is very important to us. We move hundreds of customers a month, many of whom are repeat customers and referrals. We see every move as an opportunity to build a new relationship with
    our customers.