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Freight Shipping Services for Individuals and Businesses

Depending on what you’re moving and where you’re moving to, Eagle Lines’ freight shipping services could be your best option for your move.

Our freight shipping is available for both businesses and individuals who want to send custom pieces or small shipments that are under 1500 lbs. It’s affordable, secure, and easy in a way you never thought moves could be!

You can combine this with any of our other moving services as well to create a seamless and streamlined experience. We offers professional packing services that will secure your stuff and get it where it needs to be in your timeline.

Eagle Lines’ connection to a vast network of shipping and transportation companies all over the continental US means that whether you’re moving to Portland Maine or Portland Oregon, our freight shipping service has got you covered.

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    Providing Customer-Centered Service

    Without our customers, our moving services wouldn’t exist! This is your move, and we’re here to support you through it.

    From the initial estimate to planning to moving day, we’re always accessible to answer your questions, make adjustments, and act as your key support system throughout the entire moving process and beyond.