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How to Wrap Furniture for Moving

Moving can be a tough process, especially when trying to keep track of all your belongings. You want to make sure everything is protected, safe, and secure. When exposed to the elements, furniture can lose its quality. If your furniture gets damaged, it can be very costly. For these reasons, wrapping furniture is very important. 

how to wrap furniture for a move

We all have furniture that is either holds sentimental or monetary value to us. To avoid damaging or losing your furniture, use strategic wrapping techniques. If you’re unfamiliar with wrapping furniture, here are some tips to help you. 

How Wrap Furniture for Moving – Plastic Wrap

Also known as stretch wrap, plastic wrap is an adhesive material that protects most furniture pieces during a move. Since it’s tear-resistant, it stretches and molds to your furniture without getting damaged. 

Plastic wrap is recommended for furniture with drawers or doors. If these open during the move, it could damage the furniture or other belongings around it. 

The best part about plastic wrap is that it doesn’t require any tape. The material is made to stick to your furniture, allowing you to wrap it around your belongings. The adhesive nature of plastic wraps keeps it snug to your furniture and prevents any damage during the moving process. It’s recommended that two people partake in the process of wrapping: one to hold the furniture and the other to wrap it. 

Take Advantage of Moving Blankets

Moving blankets are another helpful moving tool. They’re designed to be shock absorbent and protect your belongings from impact or scratches, and by placing them around doorways, you can prevent scratching or damage from furniture bumping into walls. 

Using a moving blanket:

-Place it on the furniture piece of your choice.

-From there, secure the blanket around the furniture with packing tape. You can also use stretch wrap to secure the moving blanket to the piece of furniture. 

-Keep a few spare moving blankets ready. You may need more than one to place in a room or the bed of a truck.

Pull Out Your Toolbox

You don’t need to be a handy person to wrap furniture. Even so, it can be helpful to have a few basic tools. These are user-friendly tools and can be found in any basic tool kit or purchased at most hardware stores.

The following tools may be needed before or during your move:

-Corrugated cardboard sheets

-Sofa and mattress covers

-Packing tape


Professionally Pack Your Furniture!

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