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Are You Moving During COVID? Learn How To Best Prepare For A Safe Move

If you need to move your family or business during the COVID-19 pandemic, you understand that some precautions and measures need to be taken to ensure safe and responsible moving practices. 

A responsible Boston moving company is going to take all the necessary safety precautions to keep their clients and their staff in good health by mitigating all risks of exposure to the COVID-19 virus. 

Whether you need professional packing services, local moving services, or a Boston storage company, you want to be confident that transitioning your possessions and belongings is not going to put people at risk of exposure to the virus while moving during COVID. 

Moving Is Essential

We know it can be a hard decision about whether to move or not during the pandemic. Moving during the COVID-19 pandemic is not a situation that businesses or families wish to find themselves in, but it’s the circumstances we all face.

Moving for one reason or another needs to happen, and it’s up to reliable and dependable Boston movers to create a safe environment while following all the CDC guidelines to keep their staff and clients safe. 

If moving yourself and others during the pandemic, the CDC recommends you STRONGLY deliberate upon six defined considerations before moving. 

  • Is COVID under control or spreading where you are going?
  • Is COVID spreading where I am currently?
  • Are you planning to travel with elderly or immunocompromised people?
  • Will you or your travel companions be in close compact during travel?
  • Can you afford to take time off in case you need to quarantine after travel?
  • Are you or your travel companions more likely to get a severe illness after contracting COVID?

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Following Moving Guidelines

For the time being, each state is going to have its own travel restrictions and parameters during the pandemic. Some states may require that people traveling in from a state that has a higher level of infection rate quarantine in their residence for 14 days. Some states will require a recent negative COVID test before coming in from out of state. 

Before you book a moving company or plan your own move, make sure to check with the state you are moving to, the state you are moving from, and even the states you are driving through about their COVID travel requirements. You may face state fines or even legal ramifications if you choose to ignore travel guidelines. 

Best Practices For Moving During COVID-19

If you are moving yourself and your belongings during COVID, be sure to practice social distancing guidelines and wear personal protective equipment, PPE. 

If you’re planning on hiring professionals movers, be sure to ask what their protocols are for maintaining social distancing and using PPE gear. 

Moving companies (and other businesses) following state and federal guidelines to maintain safe practices will develop methods to keep their employees COVID-free and risk exposing zero clients to the virus. 

For instance, moving companies will require viral testing for any staff that has potentially been exposed to the virus or is showing virus-like symptoms. PPE gear, including face masks, will be required at all times when working with each other or facing clients. And, keeping the interfacing between staff and clients to a bare minimum is paramount to healthy daily operation. Online booking and other virtual consultative practices help to reduce any face-to-face interactions.

The most critical considerations for moving companies during the pandemic is to ensure that their staff is safe and not exposing clients to unnecessary risks. 

To learn more about our practices for moving during COVID, please contact us.

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