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How To Pack Wine Glasses And Other Fragile Goods

As experienced Boston movers, we get asked many questions about the best methods, strategies, and practices for residential moves. Moving can be a very stressful process for families. So, it’s no wonder that we hear many of the same questions year in and year out. Whether it’s how to pack wine glasses or tips for traveling with pets, we’re here to help.

People who enjoy wine are very concerned about how to pack wine glasses and how to move wine safely. We get it! Who doesn’t enjoy opening up a bottle of Cabernet after a long day of moving? Some homeowners spend years accruing a beautiful wine cellar collection – not to mention beautiful stemware. 

Delicate family heirlooms, such as stemware, pottery, and glass decor need to be handled with attentiveness and care. There is just no excuse for breaking beautiful wine glasses, wine, or an inherited collection of the crystal during a move. 

In this article, we are going to provide some tips and strategies to best preserve your wine glasses and other fragile goods for your next move.


How to Pack Wine Glasses: Assemble The Packing Materials

The materials you’ll need for packing wine glasses properly are not extensive. And, chances are if you’re already packing up other areas of your home, you will have most of the packing materials needed. 

The most important packing materials you will need for your wine glasses and other glassware include:


  • Cardboard boxes with cell dividers/Packing Tape 


You’ll need sturdy and reliable packing boxes. Boxes that will maintain integrity while transporting your valuables. Wine bottle boxes come with packing dividers already built into them – this is very useful for transporting individual glasses or bottles. 

You can also purchase cardboard packing or “cell” dividers to place into a standard packing box as well. Keep strong packing tape on hand – it will ensure support to vulnerable seams and other areas of your boxes.


  • Heavy-duty ink marker (labeling)


You’ll want to clearly define which boxes house your wine glasses and fragile items. Write with well-defined and visible annotation on your packaging. This decreases the risk of the boxes getting mixed in with less-sensitive items and handled improperly.


  • Bubble wrap 


Bubble wrap is a professional mover’s best friend and ally. It should be of no surprise that your most fragile items will require lots of shock-absorbing material surrounding them during transport. Have plenty of bubble wrap on hand for a move. 


  • Packing paper/Tissue paper 


Packing paper, not unlike bubble wrap, is incredibly helpful. When wrapping, packing, and protecting fragile items – it’s a must-have. For extra precaution, wrap glasses with bubble wrap and a layer of packing paper on top of that.


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Prepare A Proper Workspace 

Learning how to pack wine glasses without breaking them starts with having the proper workstation. An efficient work area helps you get into a rhythm of prepping, wrapping, and packing. 

Set aside some time to create a dedicated workspace for processing your wine glasses, stemware, and other glassware. Choose an area away from distractions and preferably out of any child’s’ reach. Once you’ve created the dedicated packing area – bring in your glasses and stage them.


Wrapping and Packing Your Wine Glasses With Care

It’s time to form your “assembly line.” With your box positioned close to your wrapping area and the divider in place -grab your first wine glass. Fill the cavity or “globe” with a small amount of bubble wrap or tissue paper. Next, lay your wine glass on top of a sheet of bubble wrap and gently roll the glass with the bubble wrap, encircling it. Tape the bubble wrap to itself once it’s wrapped about the entire glass. 

Carefully repeat this process with packing paper. Once your glass is entirely covered, place it into one of the divider cells, stem side down. It should be snug but not too tight. 

You’ve done it! Now repeat this process with every wine glass or fragile piece of stemware you own.


Packing The Fragile Boxes 

It’s critical to not haphazardly move your fragile boxes with all of your other packing boxes. If you can, transport them all by themselves in a vehicle. 

If they are going in a large moving truck or van, pack the fragile boxes LAST. You must not stack weight on these boxes. Even if it seems ok when the vehicle is parked, the impacts and bumps on the ride will cause stress to the load and potentially crack your glasses. 


Moving With Ease

You can learn how to pack wine glasses yourself. And, with some time and practice, you will become comfortable with it. But, if you’d like to save yourself time and worry, you can always hire professional Boston movers, with years of packing and moving experience. 

If you have any questions about packing fragile materials, such as wine glasses and glassware, please contact us. We are happy to share knowledge, provide moving services, and make your next move a comfortable experience.

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