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How to Declutter Your Home: 3 Tips to Get Clutter-Free For Your Next Move!

As a premier Boston moving company and Boston storage company, we have seen a lot of “clutter” during our days of operation in and around the city. Whether you like to keep your home clutter-free or enjoy collecting lots of goods, we can all use a lesson in decluttering. 

Isn’t it remarkable how much clutter we accumulate!? Seemingly out of nowhere, our homes are filled with extra coffee mugs, unused furniture, old magazines, out-of-date electronics, and countless other pieces of clutter. There a calming sense of peace and tranquility when we learn how to declutter our homes and purge ourselves of useless belongings. 

In this article, we are going to provide you with five tips on how to declutter your home before your next move! 

Dedicate Time Every Day To Decluttering 

Time on task is the most significant strategy/tip to stick with when decluttering your home for your next move. Dedicate some time every day to decluttering your spaces. If you’re just starting to declutter your home, start with short periods of time dedicated to the task. A mere five minutes per day will go a long way in decluttering your home. 

Think of all the organizing/shuffling/recycling/donating you could accomplish each month if you dedicated a little more than 2 hours to do so? A lot! Setting aside the time to get the task done is the most important tip we will provide. 

Donate Clothes You Do Not Wear 

For some people, it’s hard to begin decluttering the home. For one reason or another, they feel like they are becoming vulnerable and insecure when purging themselves of possessions. To get yourself over that mental barrier and begin decluttering successfully it’s best to start with the closet. 

Most of us have too many items of clothing that we don’t wear but hold onto in case the occasion ever arises where we do need that particular item. And then, after years, you realize you have so much clothing you don’t wear. 

Over three weeks, start arranging your clothes by what you wear and what you don’t. The right side of the closet will be where you place items you’ve worn over the three weeks. The left side will be where you stage items you have not worn after three weeks. Take all those items that you didn’t wear and donate them to charity. 

Have everyone in your home partake in the process as well. It will declutter your home and help you cut down on clothing before you move!

Examine Each Room With A Fresh Perspective  

Our minds have the incredible ability to push things into the background and phase out our senses to things or activities we do every day. 

Brushing your teeth, driving to work, taking a shower, drinking coffee, all of these daily activities do not draw too much of our conscious attention because we do them so often. The same can be said for the clutter in our homes. 

We are so used to seeing the same objects in the spaces of our homes that we don’t often evaluate why they are there. This is why it’s important to consciously go through each room in your home with a “fresh perspective” and evaluate what items are necessary. 

If you have a hard time doing this by yourself, ask a friend to walk around your home with you and help provide some alternative perspective to the situation. 

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You Can Do This!

It’s harder to declutter your home than many people think, and it’s a challenge in and of itself to recycle your belongings. However, if you set goals and challenge yourself, you will find success and make your next move a much smoother process with fewer belongings in tow. 

If you have any questions in regards to local moving services, moving and storage in Boston, or decluttering your home, please reach out!

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