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Not All Moving Companies Created Equal

The economy is doing well and that usually promotes more Construction , home buying and everything that is related to growth. Unfortunately it also makes pretty much everyone an expert .

My good friend who happens to be a Realtor always says that “if you throw a rock you would probably end up hitting a realtor ” and I say that you might hit a Moving Company or a House Flipper and so forth as well.

The demand creates that supply and the unfortunate issue is that not all supply is quality. I recently tried to get quotes from other movers just in order to gage what is out there and I was horrified , many companies are working out of home addresses , will store the clients items in a public storage vs. a Bonded Warehouse and mandated by D.O.T and Insurance. Many of those companies do not have their own 18 wheelers who would carry the clients items coast to coast and yet they all claim to have them .

I guess that the Internet who is a wonderful resource and tool is also a dangerous one , for a small fee anyone can create a website that looks fantastic , but behind it is all smoke and mirrors.

I think that the lesson here is to visit the actual location and facility of the company , know your movers and make sure that you feel secure . after all Moving and Storage Companies Move everything that is Dear to you ; they move your life .

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