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3 Reasons Why Moving Insurance Is Right For You (And 3 Reasons Why It Is Not)

If you asked me about the most common questions I get asked on a regular basis from my time spent in the moving industry, instantly two stand out from the rest. The first being, “How long does it take for my stuff to be delivered?” And the second most common question always relates to moving insurance. From what types of insurance options are available to what does my insurance cover? We wrote a blog about how long, long distance deliveries take related to the first question here.

I’ve decided to write about the main things I consider when talking to a customer about moving insurance. What is, or at least should be on most customers’ minds is how much insurance typically costs. Moving insurance is expensive and just because of this, people think it covers a lot more than it actually does. For example, with the emergence of stores like IKEA, presswood and particle board furniture has grown in popularity. The attraction is the cost of the furniture (Although I do not believe you save much, but hey, to each their own) but, with lower priced furniture comes lower quality, which essentially means they are at a greater risk for damage. It did not take long for insurance companies to pick up on this, and the majority of them have decided they will no longer insure furniture of this quality, no matter how much you pay for insurance.

So with that in mind, let’s go over the reasons why you should purchase insurance coverage, and the reasons you shouldn’t.

**A brief disclaimer: No one, not even a moving consultant, should ultimately decide for you whether or not you buy additional moving insurance. Please do not confuse advice of whether you should or shouldn’t as something that you must absolutely abide by. At the end of the day, that choice should only be made by the customer. Thank you.**

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