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The future is knocking.

Today Tesla has revealed a new Semi truck with a 500 mile range that is fully electric

This change could be huge since it would reduce cost all the way down to the consumer level on Fuel surchage and allow us to be quiter with our oporation and cleaner. As of now The Eagle Lines Fleet of trucks and Semi’s use clean diesel and with a fleet not older than 3 years we comply with all Federal and CA emmision regulations.

The ultimate goal of such vehicles is to become Autonamous, however in an industry such as Moving , that will take a long time since we oparate on a “white glove” model where all the cargo is handled by hand and where drivers are requiered to be experienced and know the best way around large and smaller cities around the United States.

I assume that we will not see it in our lifetime where Robots will replaces Movers since “robotics falls significantly behind the rate and incidence of adoption of automation ” and since Moving , much like construction , will always take place onsite and not in a designated parameter such as a manufacturing floor of a factory.

Eagle Lines is very excited about the future of Technology and how it will play a roll in the future of the moving industry.

For the full article from the Wall Street Journal please click here

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