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Moving with Pets? 4 Tips You Need to Know

Are you one of the 85 million families (aka over two-thirds of US households) that has a pet? Whether you’re a dog lover, a bird fanatic, a reptile collector, or a cat person, pets can bring so much joy and love to our lives.

When you take that step to move to a new place, of course your animal friend is coming along! …But, how?

Moving with pets can be a bit stressful as you have to worry about the moving process along with the health and safety of your pet. Moving across country with pets can be even more stressful than local moving services because of the longer travel and the bigger change in your pet’s routine. 

We’ve moved thousands of families and their pets into their new homes. Here are 4 tips that will make moving with pets a bit easier on you and Rover both.  

1. Get Your Vets, Documents, and Guidelines Straight

When you move, you often have to go through the trouble of finding a new doctor, transferring your car’s registration, switching your license to the new state, and learning the new laws of the land.

The same goes for your pet! You’ll need to contact your current vet to have them transfer your pet’s records to their new vet. Your current vet can even provide great referrals if they know any other vets in your new area.

Your current vet will also be able to provide you with specific tips and tricks that can help keep your pet calm and stress-free during the move.

You’ll also need to understand any relevant guidelines, laws, and regulations that apply in your new home that might not have applied in your current home. This could include stipulations in your rent or homeowner’s association, local & state laws, etc.

You’ll also need to have your pet’s registration and tags updated to reflect your new address.

2. Prepare a Pet Go-Bag

When you move, whether it’s a long distance move or one right down the block, it’s a good idea to have a bag ready with all of your essentials (clothes, a pillow, medications, snacks, keys, important documents, etc).

Have another separate bag for your pets. This can include any of their favorite toys, a food & water dish, treats, food, medications, documents, etc. This way, you’ll have everything at the ready instead of having to tear through all of your packing materials looking for your dog’s bone or your cat’s stuffed mouse.

3. Keep Them Away from the Action on Moving Day

Think about how excited your dog gets when just one person comes over. Or how stressed your cat or bird gets. 

Now multiply that by 10 and you’ll get a bit of an idea how chaotic and stressful it will be for your pet on moving day. Strangers coming in and out of the place and stress out your pet. 

Having small or large animals running around underfoot is also a safety hazard on moving day that could lead to injury of pets & movers alike, along with the potential to damage your belongings.

We recommend not having your pets present on the big day. Drop them at pet daycare, with a friend, or put them in a secluded & empty room with all of their favorite toys, beds, and treats to keep them calm and out of the way.

4. Acclimate Pets to the New Area

When people move, we usually get to get a feel for our new area before we are living there. Touring different places, visiting the new house or apartment, and mentally preparing to leave your current location is all a part of the process.

But think about what it’s like for your pets. One day, they’re in their home, their territory, their domain. 

And the next, poof! They’re somewhere they’ve never been before with strange smells, people, and surroundings.

That’s pretty stressful, right? If you can, try to make it a smoother transition by acclimating your pet to the new place before you permanently move. 

This could mean driving around the new neighborhood with your cat in the backseat. Or going for a few walks on your new streets with your dog. Or, if allowed, try to bring your pet inside the new place before moving day to allow them to scope it out and get familiar with their new home.

Moving with Pets Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful!

Eagle Lines Boston movers have moved people, dogs, cats, snakes, fish, birds, and even a few pet rocks. These four tips for moving with pets is going to make the entire process much more efficient and less stressful for everyone involved!

Packing to move, moving with pets, and even moving itself doesn’t have to be stressful when you work with the right people. Eagle Lines is the Boston Moving Company that you can trust to make your experience as smooth and easy as possible.

Contact us to get a free estimate on your move and to set up a consultation with our moving experts!


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