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Packing to Move? Here Are 3 of the Most Difficult Items to Pack… and How to Do It Right!

Packing to move is, we would say, perhaps the most important part of the moving process.

Packing your items in an organized and safe way makes the entire moving process much easier and much less stressful. You’ll know that your items are safe & secure, and you’ll also be able to easily find where each box is supposed to go when you arrive at your new place.

This is pretty easy when all you’re packing is clothes, silverware, and your toiletries.

But what about those items that are huge and bulky? Things that could break or be destroyed in the moving process? What about items you can’t even imagine lifting yourself?

Let’s look at some of the most difficult items to pack & move along with advice from our expertly trained packing professionals.


Pianos are one of the most notoriously difficult things to move grand and baby grand alike! 

These instruments extremely heavy and awkward to move. They can also require special equipment and professional movers in order to get it in and out of a house or apartment. 

The inside of a piano is also quite intricate with many parts that can be damaged if it’s not handled properly. Not to mention the damage the piano could do to your home’s hallways, doors, walls, etc.

We’d recommend hiring movers with experience moving pianos to keep the move safe for you, the movers, and the piano itself!

Help the movers out by measuring your doorways in both your current and your future home in order to help them plan how they’re going to transport the piano. If you recall how it was transported into your current home, providing that information will also be extremely helpful. 

Knives & Sharp Objects

Throwing your knives and other sharp objects into a box can be rather dangerous. They could pierce the box itself or cause injury when someone’s unsuspecting hand reaches in.

We’d recommend at the very least covering the blades of anything sharp with knife protectors or shields. Another great trick is to throw your knives into a tool or tackle box, essentially any box that’s made of a tougher material than cardboard.

Also, be sure to properly label all of your boxes so you know which ones contain anything dangerous before you reach in blindly!

Home Appliances

When we say “home appliances”, we don’t mean your toaster or microwave. Those can easily be thrown into a box or even just in the backseat of your car.

We mean things like fridges, washing machines, dryers, air conditioners, heaters, and other large & bulky appliances. Not only are these physically tough and awkward to move around, but they are also prone to getting damaged (or, worst case, broken) during a move.

One way to avoid this is to sell your appliances and buy new ones once you arrive at your new home. This can even allow you to buy newer appliances, which could save you money on moving costs and in the long-run. 

If you’re attached to your appliances, though, there are ways to make moving them a bit easier. 

Like with a piano, measure your hallways and doors to ensure that the appliances can fit through them without damaging them or the home. Do this both for your current home and your new home as well.

Another step you’ll want to take is unplugging and thoroughly cleaning the items before moving day. You’ll also need to make sure that the appliance is secured in the moving truck so it doesn’t shift and damage itself or other items 

Professional packing services and movers are going to be a major asset when moving these types of items. They understand the best and most efficient way to move these things safely so they aren’t damaged and so they don’t injure anybody during the move. 

They’ll also be able to secure the items in the moving truck so they don’t come loose and damage other items or, of course, fall on anybody.

Packing to Move Is Easier with Help from the Pros

The last thing you want to be doing when packing to move is worrying about damaging your beloved items and heirlooms or injuring yourself or others. You have other things to think about like your brand new home and the exciting journey you’re embarking on!

If any of the items on this list are on your packing list, we’d highly recommend working with professional movers. Professionals will understand the safest and most efficient ways to move even your toughest items.

Eagle Lines Boston movers are ready to move your bulkiest items and protect your favorite family heirlooms. We take packing seriously providing our employees with specific packing training to ensure all of our clients’ items arrive safe and sound at their destination.

Contact us to learn more about our professional packing services, our moving services, and to get a free online estimate!

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