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How to Downsize Your Home — Our Expert Downsizing Tips!

What is Downsizing? 

In recent years, some homeowners have opted into downsizing their homes and belongings. What does this mean? In this article, we’re going to provide some great tips on how to downsize your home and belongings.

The Merriam-Webster definition of downsizing is this:

“to reduce in size

especially: to design or produce in smaller size”

Some may instinctively think about companies “downsizing” – laying off parts of the workforce to stay profitable. When it comes to moving homes – downsizing has a more positive and progressive meaning. 

Today, many people are finding that they are living in homes too large for their needs. They simply do not utilize all the space they have in their home. This is especially true for seniors who find themselves as “empty nesters,” meaning that all their children have grown up and left the home.

The extra space homeowners end up with can feel wasteful, and it oftentimes is financially wasteful, as it’s not necessary to sustain and care for a home that’s too big for your needs. 

Downsizing also includes the act of depleting the numbers of possessions you have in your home, before moving into a smaller space. 

Overall, downsizing is a very cathartic and liberating process. We tend to feel better about ourselves when we know we maximize our space and do not waste resources needlessly.

Zillow reported that in 2017, 46% of baby boomers who sold their homes were in the process of downsizing, and we believe that many more homeowners will choose to downsize as the years go on. Keep reading for our downsizing tips!

How to Downsize Your Home: Choosing A Smaller Home 

Aside from the ease of living in a more accommodating/efficient home – downsizing has economical benefits, and carbon footprint benefits too. 

Eliminating waste is good for everyone, and when first considering homes to buy for downsizing purposes, it’s important to run through a list of what is most important for your new home.

Ask yourself (and loved ones) downsizing questions, such as:


    • Which rooms get the most use? 


    • Which rooms get the least amount of use?
    • How many bedrooms do we need?
    • Are we comfortable with open layouts?
    • Are we willing to renovate?


By going through these types of questions you can start eliminating homes with spaces you won’t use and focus on the elements that you want the most. 

If you no longer use a master dining room – pick a home that has a larger open layout kitchen, to maximize the space and reduce redundancy for dinning. 

If you only need a master bedroom and have an occasional house guest, you don’t need 3+ bedrooms in your home. It’s all about maximizing the spaces you use and love in your home, and eliminating the areas that see no use. 

Going through this process will help you narrow down your home search, and navigate the real estate market more efficiently. 

Are You Planning On Moving With Pets? 

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Downsizing Tips

Now, the fun part – going through all your furniture, clothes, decorations, paperwork, and assorted other belongings to decide what gets “retired”, and what professional movers transport to your new home. 

For some, this can be a very daunting task. But, if it’s viewed as a “cleansing” of possessions, it’s a healthy exercise. And, we should all do it from time to time, regardless of downsizing homes. 

These downsizing tips will help you through the process: 

    • Only keep items you use, need, or love.

With each item you consider moving in your home – ask yourself “do I use, need, or love this?” It will help lean-down your belongings in quick fashion. 

    • Don’t save items to “pass on” to family or friends. 

Unless you’re speaking about highly valuable items, in both financial and sentimental terms, do not bring along items that you plan on giving to someone else because they may want it in the future.

    • Don’t bring anything along that doesn’t have a defined spot in your new home

Your new downsized living space will become cramped faster than you can imagine if you do you take careful consideration of where everything is going BEFORE you move in. This is part of the cleansing process, and you must consider where everything is going and why you need it before it comes along. 

    • Start as soon as possible, even if you’re not downsizing right now

Going through the process of cleansing your belongings takes time, and it’s best to get a head start and begin as soon as possible, even if you’re not in the midst of downsizing. Clean that closet, go through that dresser, do something to start downsizing. It will only help you when you decide to make the real move to your new downsized home. 

Eagle Lines Will Help You With How to Downsize Your Home

As professional Boston movers with decades of experience, we know what it takes to downsize and move successfully. We hope this article has provided some clarity on how to downsize your home.

We’d be happy to consult with you on how to coordinate and organize your next move. Please reach out to us with any questions you may have.

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