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Moving Company Costs – What Comes Into Play?

Before relocating to a new home or apartment, you need to plan the logistics of your move. Part of planning a move involves mapping out a budget, and this can be difficult as moving company costs differ depending on several variables. Before reaching out to local moving services, it helps to know what factors determine the cost of your move. 

moving company costs

Moving Company Costs – Distance

As you might expect, the distance you’re moving can dramatically affect the cost of your move. If you’re moving from one Massachusetts town to another, local movers in Boston have the experience to make your move as painless and cost-effective as possible.

On the other hand, a long-distance move can be more costly than the price of a local move; this makes sense as the move itself will take longer, and other ancillary costs like fuel need to be factored in. How many items you’re moving will also affect the price of your move.

Moving Company Costs – Size Considerations

The number of things you have to move will also affect the price. If you’re moving everything from a small studio apartment, your move won’t cost as much as someone moving everything from a three-bedroom home. A good way to begin a budget is to document and itemize what you’re planning to move and begin to sell and cull-down items that you don’t need in your new place. 


The time of year you decide to move will also affect the total moving costs. If you want to move on a weekend during peak season (April through September), your move will cost more than if you chose to do it on a weekday or during the slow season, like mid-winter. Like any service or good, higher demand means higher prices.

Extra Services

One of the benefits of hiring renowned careful movers is the additional services that are available to you. Many moving companies offer professional packing services; expert movers carefully and tactfully pack your belongings for safe transport and quick unpacking at the destination. 

Some overnight moving companies also offer local warehouse storage: this can be especially helpful if you have a small gap between when you need to be out of your old residence and when you can get into your new place. You’ll have to budget and pay additional fees if you’d like some of these extra services.

Boston Moving Company

If you’re moving to the Boston area, you’ll want a local moving company. Contact us at Eagle Lines Moving and Storage Solutions for your next move. 

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