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Moving Companies in Boston: Part II

Driving in Boston can be difficult, crazy, and frustrating, even for those who live here. If you’re moving to Boston, you may be concerned about navigating the city’s roads and safely relocating your belongings to your new home. In this blog, you’ll learn more about some of Boston’s road restrictions and what details to keep in mind regarding your big move!

boston moving companies

Street Closures in Boston

Boston is a major city with a rich culture, meaning it’s common for significant events to cause road closures. For example, the Earthshot Prize awards brought the U.S. President to Boston and members of the Royal family in 2022. The event caused multiple road closures and parking restrictions in nearby areas. Other annual events like the Boston Marathon, consistent parades, and festivals cause widespread closures

Aside from events and festivals, other streets in Boston are closed regularly. One example of this is Memorial Drive. This road is a beautiful part of Boston and runs along the Charles river. For this reason, the road is closed from April through November to accommodate recreational activities.

While it’s great that so many events are hosted in Boston, they can pose a serious challenge for drivers navigating road closures.

Seasonal Driving in Boston

Weather can be unpredictable in Boston. Winters consist of snowstorms and blizzards that are difficult to navigate. Slippery road conditions often accompany these events. While Boston summers have sunnier/warmer weather, they also contribute to more traffic.

Boston drivers must be conscious of summer activities to avoid long commutes. Similarly, holiday weekends congest the roads, with many people coming in and out of the city to visit family. 

Boston Moving Companies – Dealing With Construction

Construction is common in Boston and can be an additional obstacle for city driving. Boston has narrow roads, and construction commonly occurs in the summer when traffic is already bad; this makes it especially challenging to navigate the city in large vehicles like moving trucks.

Boston Moving Companies –  Boston Roads

There are unique challenges to Boston driving, no matter when you’re moving, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the city. Furthermore, if you’re using a large moving truck, there is an added challenge of maneuvering through narrow streets and tough traffic. 

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