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Moving and Storage Services – Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve decided to move, there’s probably a lot that went into that decision. Maybe you want a new or better living situation, want to be closer to family, need more space, want to establish your own household, or have gotten a new job or have been transferred. There are many reasons why you could be looking to move, and the uncertainty of it all can leave you feeling uneasy. You probably have a lot of questions about the logistics of moving, because that has to be taken care of before you can begin the next chapter of your life in your new home. You want to use an established company for your move, and preferably one that has storage as well, in case you find that you can’t fit everything in your new place, or there’s a gap between when you need to be out of your old place and into your new one. Moving and storage services from a reliable company can make a world of difference. 

In this article, we will discuss how moving and storage services can be of great use for you and your family, and what are the most common FAQs regarding moving and storage services. 

When is the Best Time to Move?

Most people tend to move in the summer, so any moving company you hire will likely be quite busy if you elect to move in June, July, or August. This isn’t a problem if you schedule the move far enough in advance. Moving in summer is understandable if you have children (so they don’t have to move during the school year) or live in a part of the country (like the northeast) where moving anytime from November to February would have you dealing with frigid temperatures and possible snow. But if you have the choice, the middle of the month is better, and after September 15th is usually when movers’ peak season begins to calm down. Contact local moving services to get their suggestions on what times are best for moving. 

How Far in Advance Should I Try to Schedule the Move?

Depending on the reason for the move, advance notice might not be totally possible. There can be several factors at play including when you can get into your new living space, any employment obligations that you may have to honor, and the sale or lease of your old place. The earlier you contact the moving company the better, but a nice rule of thumb is that you should contact them at least a month in advance of when you’d like to move. This benefits you as well as the moving company because you have time to determine with moving and storage services you will need.

What Would Happen to My Things if I Can’t Move in Immediately?

Normally this would pose quite a conundrum but professional packing services and storage services are at your disposal. If you cannot move into your new living space immediately or if you aren’t able to fit everything into your new place, you can store your items in climate-controlled storage spaces that are safe and secure. The options are plentiful as you can store your items short or long-term, or even store the whole truck for just a day if there’s a gap between when you can get out of your old place and can get into your new one.

How Long Will It Take for All of My Things to be Moved?

There are several variables that can affect how long your move will take. The things that can affect how long your move takes are the size of your home, the amount and size of the belongings that you have, how far your things must travel, and the distance from your front door to your moving truck. 

As a baseline, it’s possible that a one-bedroom local move could be done in as little as three hours. Most moves will generally take longer than that, and if you are moving long-distance, the time it takes can stretch out to as long as two weeks to deliver all your things. The underlying point here is that it will depend on the above-mentioned factors and the general size and scope of your move. 

How Do I Change My Address?

When you decide to move, there are numerous things for you to take care of on top of the safe transportation of all your things. One of those things that shouldn’t be forgotten is changing your address. You can go to the post office in person or on the official USPS website and fill out a Change of Address form. Don’t forget to notify other institutions of your change of address like your bank, insurance, and credit card companies, and to ensure that you continue to receive any magazine subscriptions you may have.

Moving and Storage Services

Moving can leave you feeling very unsettled because of all that is up in the air. It doesn’t have to, though. If you have questions about the moving process, hopefully answering some of those above can help to set your mind at ease. Because moving shouldn’t be a distressing process, it should be an exciting transition to something better than you could have ever possibly imagined.

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