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Corporate Moving: Relocating Your Business

A successful business move is reliant upon an organized and well-thought-out plan. Without a detailed plan, corporate relocation can easily turn into a chaotic nightmare. A poorly executed move is not only frustrating, but it can also be bad for business due to lost time and money. But thankfully, there are steps businesses can take to help make corporate moving a smooth operation. 

Step One: Establish the Budget & Hire the Best Office Moving Company

Establish your moving budget

If your office is moving long-distance, you may need to plan for severance pay or employee relocation in the budget. Hire a professional moving company with experience in corporate relocation

It may be tempting to enlist the help of your employees during an office move, but this would be best left up to the professionals.

It’s recommended to compare moving estimates from at least three moving companies.

Step Two: Announce the Move

Schedule a meeting to inform all employees of the move.

Send letters to all business contacts announcing the move.

Make sure to announce your move on your website and social media accounts too. Include the date of the anticipated move, the new address, and contact information.

Inform your current landlord, in writing, that you will be moving

Step Three: Manage Current & Future Inventory and Furnishings

Determine your new office layout.

Develop a plan and timeline to clear out the current office.

List all assets that will need to be upgraded or replaced.

Make arrangements for disposal or donation of items that will not be moved to the new location.

Make a list of items that will need to be professionally disassembled and reassembled.

Step Four: Moving Supplies, Packing, and Storage

Gather and organize moving supplies

Your mover may provide boxes for your employees. If not, be sure to provide sufficient boxes, tape, and Sharpies.

Determine if off-site storage will be necessary.

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One Month Before Moving Day


Schedule stop dates for your current office’s utilities. 

Set up new utility accounts for the new office.


Notify your insurance representative of the move.

Ask about additional coverage that may be required.

Arrange insurance coverage to be transferred to your new office.

Address changes

Change address at

Banks, financial institutions, IRS, etc.

Suppliers, clients, and all business contacts.

Google and social media sites, like LinkedIn and Facebook.

Online delivery services, such as Amazon

Order access passes, keys, and parking cards

Order business cards, stationery, and new signage.

Give a 30-day written notice to end contracts at your old office, such as cleaning services or security.

One Week Before Moving Day

Review moving status with management and office staff

Inspect new office space

Take photos to record the condition of the new office.

Ensure utilities are working and that the space is clean.

Confirm moving day and expected arrival time of the movers with the moving company

Remove all signage and branding in the old office

Schedule the final inspection of the old office with the landlord

Day Before the Move

Ensure all packing is complete

Collect all items that need to stay at the old office, such as keys and parking passes

Confirm with IT coordinator that the IT system is installed and functioning

Day of the Move

Stock new office supply cabinets and bathrooms

Stock the employee break room with beverages and snacks

Verify installation of new signage

Review the move

Thank and tip each mover; make final payment

Day After the Move

Review the space

Necessary passwords are shared, and IT is available on-site for troubleshooting

Employees unpack their desk boxes as well as run tests on computers and equipment

Celebrate and enjoy your new office!

As an experienced Boston moving company, we have helped hundreds of businesses with corporate moving and successfully relocated them to their new locations.

If your business is in need of local moving services, please reach out with any questions!

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