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Office Moving Services: Preparing Your Employees for an Office Move

A lot goes into an office move, logistically, and it’s a decision that is not taken lightly. If you are the one coordinating the move, you have to contact the office moving company and sort through all that you want them to do and when you want them to do it. While it might seem like you should focus on the objects (desks, chairs, cubicles, computers) that are being transported, of more importance are the people moving to the new location. Without your employees, your company ceases to exist, so it is crucial to keep them in mind before, during, and after the office relocation. Office moving services will take the stress away from the big move, leaving the employees to enjoy their new workspace! Here are some ways to prepare your employees for an office move.

Tell Your Employees Early

This is probably the most important step of preparing your employees. You need to tell them about the move as early as possible to make whatever preparations they need to make. Clear communication is paramount here, and depending on your office culture, there are several ways you can inform them of the move. You could send a mass email, have a large meeting involving all your employees, or have individual managers tell their subordinates. Whichever way you choose, the message must be clear and could include details such as where you are moving and why. This news can’t be delivered last-minute, because that would be stressful for your employees and might cause them to become overwhelmed. 

Make Sure Your Employees are Involved in the Move

Once you’ve delivered the news of your business moving, it would be wise to seek your employees’ input regarding the move; because they are the lifeblood of your business, your employees’ opinions matter. Allowing them to tell you what would suit them best helps them feel included and could make them better workers. For example, maybe the workstations at your current business are too cramped, and several employees want more space to work; you could then look at factoring that into your new office design. If employees are listened to and feel that their voices matter and will be acted upon, they’ll be more excited about the move than feeling stressed and anxious. Explain to the staff that the business will be hiring trusted local moving services that offer professional packing services

Create Teams with Specific Tasks Related to the Move

Another way to get your employees involved besides soliciting their opinions is to delegate tasks related to the move to various employees. This helps the employees feel like they contribute to the move (because they are), but it also helps make the process easier for you if you can get everyone pulling in the same direction. It could also help break up the monotony of your office’s day-to-day operations by giving your staff something new to do while also serving as a team-building activity as people are banding together to organize and achieve tasks.

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Take the Time to Organize

If you’ve been in your current office space for a long time, some clutter may have accumulated. This could be an ideal opportunity to get organized and clean up your current space to make a move to your new quarters that much smoother. You could have each person do this individually, have teams work on common areas, or implement some combination. You must provide your employees with the right packing supplies (boxes, labels, tape, etc.) so that they can adequately pack and organize their things.

Hire a Top Professional Moving Service with Commercial Experience

While it’s true that you want your employees to be involved in the process of relocating every step of the way, it would be a much better decision to leave the actual moving process to professionals. When selecting your moving service, you need to choose movers with experience in commercial moves because not all moving companies do. Professional movers have the advantage of experience and knowledge, so they know how to pack your things correctly and transport them safely. They can complete the process much more efficiently than your employees would be able to. Moving is already hard enough for staff with the uncertainty of it all, so let the professionals take care of the more labor-intensive portion of moving your office.

Office Moving Services – A New Start

A new office can mean a new beginning for your company. With the buy-in and assistance of your employees, your office move can be more than just a change of scenery, but more akin to a transformation. You can improve workspaces, common areas, and facilities that could provide your staff with a new enthusiasm for their job. And this is without factoring in the bump in public perception you may get from customers, potential hires, sponsors, and investors. You can ensure that your employees’ morale will be healthy throughout the moving process if you inform them early, keep them involved, form teams to tackle tasks and provide them with the tools and time to organize their things. The final and most critical step is hiring a moving company with experience in office moves so that they can efficiently and painlessly help you complete the relocation process. If you follow all of these steps, you and your employees can make your next office move a raving success. Trust a Boston moving company with experience in office moving services, and knowledge of what it takes to complete a successful office move.

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