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Moving During Coronavirus: 5 Tips for a Safe Move

Summer and early fall are some of the busiest times of year to move, and not even a global pandemic can change that! Eagle Lines has been as busy as ever, and we’re sure that most Boston movers would say the same.

However, there are key changes that we’ve made to all of our services, from local moving services to long-distance to packing & storage, in order to keep you and our staff safe and healthy. 

Moving during coronavirus is definitely possible to do safely, but you will need to do things a bit differently to make things work. 

Here are our five tips to make moving during COVID-19 easier and safer for everyone involved.

1. Ask Your Moving Company Questions

This first one should be somewhat of a no-brainer and you should always be asking your moving company questions before your move.

But in this case, we recommend that you ask the company you work with what they’re doing to make the process safer, what they’re doing to sanitize, if they’re testing employees, etc.

Here are some examples of questions that we think are imperative to ask your moving company prior to moving during coronavirus:

– What precautions are you and your employees taking against COVID-19?

– Have any of your employees tested positive for the virus?

– Do you have any recommendations to make moving day safer for me and for your staff?

– Do you have a list of protocols or procedures that are updated to reflect the current public health situation?

Having an open conversation like this will help you understand the company’s dedication to public safety and will reflect how seriously they’re taking this situation.

2. Limit Interactions and Exposure

Many leading health organizations like the CDC and the WHO are recommending social distancing whenever possible along with face masks/coverings, consistent hand washing, and reduced interactions between people as often as possible.

While moving during coronavirus will require some interaction with others (moving help, renting trucks, etc), do your best to reduce these interactions to only the essentials. 

Reconsider how many friends & family members you invite over to help you move. Speak with the moving company about using the minimum number of people for the job. 

Ask if some employees can stay in the truck instead of having everyone in and out of the home. Drop your kids or elderly relatives off in a safe place to avoid exposure and reduce the number of people interacting with your family.

These are just a few examples of how you can reduce interactions and exposure to others. 

Eagle Lines has been changing how we do things in order to keep you and our staff safe.

Read more about our COVID-19 protocols here.

3. Research Your Destination

Each town, city, and state have their own regulations when it comes to COVID-19. Research both your starting point and your ultimate destination to see what you, your family, and your moving company need to do to prepare.

For example, Boston movers who are staying local will need to wear face-covering whenever they’re outside. 

If you’re moving to a brand new state, you’ll definitely need to research what sorts of laws and regulations exist there as they’re likely different from your current situation. 

Check to see how many people can be in your group, whether there are many cases in your new location, whether face covers are required by law, and whether certain businesses are open in your new area.

4. Make Most Things Virtual

Thinking back to our second tip (about limiting interactions), you can reduce your interactions greatly by going for virtual conversations, tours, and quotes.

Essentially, anything else you can do virtually you should do virtually. This includes:

– Interactions with a moving company

– Interactions with your employer & employees

– Touring new homes/apartments

– Getting quotes for moving costs

5. Clean and Sanitize, Before and After

In order to protect you, your family, and any moving staff, you should clean and sanitize your home before movers arrive and clean your entire new home when you arrive.

Cleaning your home and items before the moving staff arrives will help protect them from exposure and from potentially spreading the virus to drivers, other employees, and their own families. 

Once movers, your friends & family, and you have touched all of your belongings, boxes, etc, you’re going to want to re-sanitize and clean those things before unpacking them and putting them away in your new home. 

Also, you don’t know who or what was touching the things in the new place before you arrived, so be sure to sanitize surfaces, doorknobs, and other areas in the new place once you arrive.

Eagle Lines Keeps You Moving During Coronavirus

Moving during coronavirus is a bit scary, but as long as you take proper precautions, it can be done safely. Eagle Lines puts the health and safety of our staff and clients as our number one priority, so you can rest assured that you and your move is safe with us.

Contact us to get started with a free virtual quote & consultation.

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