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4 Long Distance Moving Tips — Advice from the Experts

Moving is rated as one of the most stressful events you can experience in life. 

What could be more stressful than having to find a new place to live, moving away from where you’ve been living & feeling comfortable for likely a significant amount of time, maybe getting a new job, packing everything you own, and schlepping it to a new place? 

Moving long distances, that’s what. On top of all of the same stressors you have with a move, you’ll also have to figure out the long travel plans, find long distance moving services, leave friends & family, and more.

This can also be super exciting, though. You’re embarking on a new adventure! 

As you get ready to go, we can help. We have four simple long distance moving tips straight from our moving experts. These can make the process a lot smoother, more efficient, and less stressful.

Let’s dive in!

1. Do Your Research on Long Distance Moving Companies

Many people who move long distances, like between states or even internationally, find that the help of a top-rated moving company can be extremely helpful. These companies have the entire process streamlined and are truly experts at what they do.

However, you need to do your research. Even the best local moving company might not be your best option if they have no experience with long distance moves. 

Some local companies, though, have ample experience with long distance. Eagle Lines, for example, offers both local moving services and long distance moving services

Check out each potential company’s website to see what they offer. If they do have long distance services, call them to set up a consultation or to get an estimate for your move. 

In-home estimates are going to be the best, as this involves one of the movers coming over to your home, looking over your belongings, and learning the details of your move. This will give you the most accurate estimate or quote to go off of when choosing what company to work with.

In-home estimates also give you a chance to interact with the movers you’d be working with for this huge event. See what the chemistry is like, if you feel comfortable, and ask any questions you have.

Once you’ve done this with a few different companies, choose the one you feel the most comfortable with.

2. Downsize Your Items

Having a few extra items or holding onto that ratty old chair isn’t as big of a deal when you’re only moving a few blocks away. However, long distance moves are a different story.

Before you move and as you’re packing, take the time to get rid of any unnecessary items. Oftentimes, people are charged based on the weight or the amount of items they have in a long distance move.

That’s why one of the best long distance moving tips is to simply reduce the amount of stuff you bring with you. Unless something has sentimental value, it will likely be cheaper and easier to replace furniture and other larger items once you arrive at your new place as opposed to transporting it across the country.

Reducing the amount of stuff you have is a great practice before any type of move since you’ll be left with only the things you want and need. No use lugging things to a new place if you don’t even want it anymore!

Need help packing?

We’ve got you. Learn about our professional packing services, packing materials options, and more on our website.

3. Label Everything

Packing and organizing are even more important with a long distance move compared to other moves. It could take days or weeks to arrive at your new place, let alone all of your items!

Being able to quickly identify and sort your belongings once they arrive is going to be essential for making the moving process streamlined and simple.

Label each box with the contents type, the room it’s going to, and with your name (if you’re moving with more than one person). This way, you and the movers can look at a box and bring it to the exact right place without much thought.

It can take some time to organize and pack in such a detailed way, but it’s worth it in the end. 

While on this topic, it’s important to set aside a few boxes that are labeled as “essentials.” This way, you’ll find it right away when you get to the new place or it could ride along in the car or truck with you as you travel. This should include essentials that you can’t lose amongst the chaos of the rest of the boxes: medications, your favorite pillow, toiletries, a child’s toy, etc. 

4. Ask for Help!

Helping someone else move isn’t the most fun activity, but for close friends and family, it’s something that you step up to do.

Along with your moving crew and whoever is moving with you, ask for help from whoever you can. Co-workers, friends, family, and neighbors new and old are usually happy to help out and help you get settled.

They can help with so many things, they don’t even need to lift a finger! Preparing labels, bringing water or snacks to you and the movers, bringing over extra boxes or old newspapers, helping take shift driving, driving you to the airport… the list of helpful little things adds up. 

Asking for help from as many people as possible will help take a lot of work off your shoulders. Especially as the tasks add up for a long distance move, help is essential.

Eagle Lines Is the Moving Company for Boston and Beyond!

We hope that these long distance moving tips helped you prepare for your upcoming move! If you’d like more advice from the experts or to work with Boston movers that have decades of experience with both local and long distance moves, we’re here for you!

Contact Eagle Lines to get started with a quote, estimate, or just a discussion. We look forward to hearing from you!

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