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Commercial Movers: How To Plan Your Next Office Move

Today, businesses are growing, shrinking, rescaling, and moving all the time. Commercial real estate is in a state of fluctuation, as many more workers can work from home and not need office space at all. Because of this, businesses need to be ready to move their operations and seize the best leasing opportunities while they can. Commercial movers are prepared to help businesses pack up their furniture and equipment for a move whenever an office decides it’s time. 

As a premier Boston storage company and Boston moving company, we’ve helped many businesses, small and large, move their operations to new locations. 

This article will discuss some of the measures businesses can be prepared to take for quickly and effectively moving into their next office space. 

Notify Everyone that Your Office is Moving 

As the office moving process begins, it’s necessary to let all parties affected by the move know it will be happening. This includes landlords, neighbors, clients, neighboring businesses, staff, service providers, and all others who interact with your business regularly. 

By reaching out earlier in the process, you can solve issues before becoming big problems closer to the move out date. Don’t leave anyone in the dark. 

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Assemble a Logistics Team

There needs to be a designated point of contact within the business to run the logistics of getting the office ready to move. And around that person, it’s best if there is supporting staff to assist with all duties. That is why it’s best to assemble a team and assign positions as the office move preparations begin. 

Commercial movers will be available to answer any questions you may have regarding the move, but an internal team should handling things like scheduling, budgeting, and company-wide communications. 


Having clear communication internally with your company staff and externally with your commercial movers is critical to keeping an office move run as smoothly as possible. Commercial movers know how to pack goods, prepare items, and get your items from point A to point B with ease. However, they cannot run internal communication for your business, providing details on how the move will proceed. So, the internal team needs to keep clear and open communication with staff. Set expectations, and provide details on what’s expected of the workforce during the moving process. 

Review Office Items

Each office will have different assorted goods and furniture that need to be packed up properly by the commercial movers. It is fairly routine with office moves that much of the furniture is the same. For example, an office may need to move 45 desks, 50 chairs, and 50 monitors. All of these items are usually identical and do not have many variations. However, there are always special items, furniture, and equipment that will need special attention. 

Be clear with your commercial movers about which specialty items need to be handled in a particular way, and ask whether they have the equipment, supplies, and experience to handle delicate materials. 

For the well-being of the items, and the movers themselves’ safety, help plan for specialty items. Do not surprise your moving team with items that need precautionary measures specialty treatment on the day of the move.

Day of the Move

Your office moving company will coordinate with you to have every detail aligned for the moving day(s). Staff working building security, maintenance, and administration must be aware that the commercial movers will be working in the office building and may need access to loading docks, loading bays, and service elevators to make the operation run as smoothly as possible. 

Professional movers will have a checklist of every item that is to be moved. The leader of the moving team for your business should be present and helping coordinate all internal efforts. 

With some planning, foresight, and teamwork, your next office move can go smoothly and without a hitch. 

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