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6 Tips for Getting Your Security Deposit Back

Moving out of your rental property can be a stressful process if you’re not well-coordinated when planning your exit strategy. As Boston movers, we’ve seen properties in all different shapes, sizes, and conditions. We know when a property has been moved out of and transitioned properly. Need help getting your security deposit back? This blog will provide you with the knowledge and know-how you need to get your security deposit back when moving out. 

We’ve curated six tips for moving out of your rental property efficiently and effectively. 

1. Take Note of the Property Condition When First Moving In

For some of you, it’s too late to use this tip, but keep it in mind when moving into your next rental! When first signing a lease make sure you know exactly what you are responsible for in regards to wear and tear on the property.

Some landlords will have it written in the fine print that the tenants are responsible for holes in the walls, scratches on the floors, stains on the carpet, and restoring the paint to the original colors. 

Meeting these requirements of the lease agreement is fine as long as the condition in which you receive the property is understood by both parties. Take videos, photos, and notes about the condition of the property when you move in. If the landlord wants to use funds from the security deposit for repairs that were already in place, you have documentation showing you are not responsible for said damages. 

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2. Be Tidy!

Do not leave your rental property in bad shape! This is a pretty obvious tip, but you may be surprised when people call for professional Boston movers and we arrive to see properties that are left in disrepair. Do not plan on getting your security deposit back if you leave a property in a bad state and in need of lots of cleaning. 

After all your furniture and goods are moved out, do a thorough inspection and walkthrough of the property. Keep a keen eye out for holes, scratches, and other damages that the landlord could claim you are responsible for. If you can fix these issues yourself that is ideal. If you don’t have the knowledge, tools, or time to fix the damages, it’s best to hire professionals to perform the tasks.

3. Do a Deep Clean Before Leaving 

After you have accounted for all the minor (or major) damage around the property, do a thorough sweeping, brushing, mopping, and wipe down. Getting your security deposit back in full starts with leaving the place as clean as you possibly can. Just as with fixing damages, if you don’t feel you have the time or expertise to do a great job you would be best suited to hire professionals to clean. 

4. Hire Professional Movers 

There’s no way around it, professional Boston movers will be able to best package, arrange, ship, and store your property. Instead of worrying about damages to your antique furniture or slipping a disk in your back; hire professional movers to alleviate your moving worries and risks. 

Professional movers that are from a quality and reputable company are almost always licensed and insured. So, you don’t need to worry about your property being damaged or being responsible for damage to the rental property as you move out. You stand a better chance of getting your security deposit back if professional Boston movers help you transition out of your rental. 

5. Develop A Good Relationship With Your Landlord (If Possible)

As the saying goes “it pays to have friends in high places,” in this such instance that friend would be your landlord. Tenants and landlords that are often in disagreement about responsibilities and property care typically don’t have good relationships. As the tenant, if you have not had great report with your landlord it makes getting your full security deposit back more difficult. 

6. Ask For a Move-Out Inspection

If the relationship between tenant and landlord is a good one, it’s a great idea to ask for a move-out inspection. A move-out inspection is typically conducted at least a week prior to the tenant moving out. It is an opportunity for both tenants and landlords to inspect the rental together and go over what damages/cleaning duties the tenant will be responsible for. 

This is a great process to go through because it ensures that the tenant will not be blindsided by repair/cleaning duties that need to happen prior to moving out. And it is also an opportunity for the landlord to estimate how much money they need to collect from the security deposit to make repairs. 

Contact Eagle Lines Movers to learn more about professional moving services and how to safely move out of your rental property.

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