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Your Guide to Summer Moving

Posted by Mark Machesky on May 31, 2015 6:26:30 AM

Everyone wants to move during the summer and warmer months. For anyone who has experienced New England winters, it is not hard to understand why. Moving through two feet of snow seems fun to no one, and the housing market is really at its peak during the summer months (Although there is a great argument as to why you should sell your home in the winter here).  

Regardless, the reality is the demand for moving services is high during the summer months and this not only drives up prices but also reduces availability. There are steps you can take to avoid not being able to get the exact day you want to move, as well as save money.




Always inquire about your move at least 6 weeks in advance, if not earlier. 

Getting a head start on your move has multiple benefits. The first being because you are starting early, you can receive as many estimates as possible. You can use these quotes to essentially have movers bid against each other to move you. Just make sure they are reputable companies. Reputable and legitimate companies will often not match an estimate from a company that has a bad reputation or has questionable business practices.

Schedule a visual in-home estimate if you can

Having an actual representive from a moving company come to your home is always a good idea. Visuals help eliminate all of the guesswork not only for you, but for your mover as well. This allows moving companies to offer you a binding price to the list of items that they see during the on-site survey. It also helps you gauge how the company you are considering operates. Are they Professional? Did the representative answered all of your questions? These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself after the representative has left your home after the visual. 

Solidify your moving day in advance

Ok, so you have followed the advice above and received all your estimates well in advance in order to access the best rates and days for your move. Now you need to choose a mover and solidify a date! Estimates, whether through the phone or from visuals, do not automatically schedule your move. You must call to confirm by choosing a day and usually you also have to make a deposit towards your move. Deposits can range based on company policy but avoid companies who charge a very large deposit relative towards your move. For example, Eagle Lines charges a deposit based on what type of move you are scheduling. Local moves, charged by the hour, require a one hour deposit of whatever rate you are locking in. Long distance moves are charged differently, and require a 10% deposit of the entire move. Always ask your mover about their refund policy before booking. 

Pack your own boxes

While the idea of literally having to do nothing for your move sounds great, what doesn't sound too great is the price tag associated with moving. Moving is not an inexpensive venture and one way customers can save a lot of money is by packing all boxable items themselves. If you are really against packing boxes, you can compromise in order to still save money by packing easy items such as linens, book, movies, etc. Then have the movers pack all the difficult and labor intensive items like china and glassware. 


Try and avoid moving the last few days and/or weekends of the month

The law of supply and demand suggest that when demand increases and supply stays the same or decreases, the price of a commodity or service will increase. This is especially true during busy moving months in the summer. Right now, a lot of people are inquiring about moving the last few days of June, because everyone is selling their home and taking advantage of the great seller's market right now. This reduces availability to move on those busy days, as more and more people are calling in and scheduling moves on those last few days of the month. It is also raising prices, as high demand for a common good or service often does. There are a couple of ways to avoid the end of the month chaos. The absolute best way it to move at least 4 days before the end of the month, if not earlier. This not only increases availability but will give you access to better rates. If you know you have no choice but to move on the last day or two of the month, your best chance at catching one of those dates would be to be the first customer scheduled. So receive estimates early enough for you to make a decision and solidify a day with a mover. 

At Eagle Lines, we believe that education helps lead to better choices. That is why we focus on blog posts that offer tips and advice when it comes to moving. Check out our blog for even more help with your move, or call a moving consultant today to receive a free moving estimate. Our inventory form allows you to input information regarding your move so our moving consultants can work on a quote and email it directly to you. 

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