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Working With Your Boston Mover In The Snow

Posted by Mark Machesky on Dec 15, 2015 11:52:01 AM

Here at Eagle Lines, our movers are no strangers to inclement weather. Moving in the cold is unpleasant enough, add a little snow or rain into the mix and you only add to the number of possible things that can go wrong. Eagle Lines has done a lot of moves during inclement weather, including the snow storms last year, and the down pours we had at the end of September. If you have hired a professional mover for your relocation, you most likely have nothing to worry about. But there are some things you can do though to help the movers complete your move faster, ultimately saving you money.


While moving in the rain is not ideal, it is not nearly as challenging as moving in the snow. When moving in the rain, the main idea is to keep it out of your house and off of your furniture. Professional moving services will take the necessary steps to make sure all your belongings and property is protected from the elements. 

Movers will wrap and pad furniture with blankets before bringing them outside to be loaded onto the truck. Wrapping and padding furniture is mainly meant to protect your furniture from scratches and other damages related to moving furniture, but it also does a great job at keeping furniture dry. On top of the fact that your belongings are wrapped, movers do not leave your items carelessly exposed once wrapped. Furniture leaves the home and goes directly onto the truck, which is covered and shields all items inside from the rain. 

On most people's minds when it rains, is not the furniture but the floors and carpets of the home. Many people spend a lot of money on cleaning services to make sure their home is perfect for the new incoming owners. Movers utilize pads and blankets for the floors to ensure they do not leave muddy footprints around the home. Because the customer is being charged by the hour for local moves, movers will only cover the area they are working out of first, and then adjust the blankets when they move to the next room. This way, a minimal amount of time is being used to lay blankets on the floors, and instead the time you are being charged for is for what you hired movers to do in the first place, move your home! 

What the customer can do to help the moving company is simply recommend the best access point(s) to the home in order to reduce the distance the movers have to walk outside. Now of course in some homes this is far more ideal than others, but if the movers park as close to the home as possible it reduces the amount of mud the movers have to work through.


Moving in the snow does not have to add stress to the move. In fact, with a little preparation it does not hinder or affect movers at all. Every challenge has a solution. Everyone who lives in Boston knows the amount of snow we received last winter was unbearable, but I am happy to say Eagle Lines did not miss one pickup last year. 

Unlike rain, snow tends to stay around. This makes it especially difficult to deal with in crowded neighborhoods like Boston's Beacon Hill, North End, and Back Bay. If you live in one of these neighborhoods or one like it, you must ensure the moving company you hired has somewhere to park. This usually is not a problem, as the city hires plow drivers to clear the streets and most likely that is where the movers would park anyway. However, if you have a private driveway, you must make sure movers are able to access the driveway in order to park their moving van. If the van cannot access the pickup location, it will have to park further away than necessary and this could incur additional costs. 

What is often overlooked is access from the truck to the actual home. Customers must provide safe access for the movers to walk in and out of the home. Keep in mind that movers are most likely going to be lifting heavy furniture and because of this they will need more space than would normally be needed in order to do this safely and efficiently. If you rent instead of own,your landlord is most likely responsible for all pathways to be cleared of ice and snow, under the Massachusetts Snow Removal Law

Movers often charge for travel time to and from the pickup and delivery locations of the move. Sometimes weather such as snow can hinder a moving van's progress. Not to worry however, as Eagle Lines travel times are fixed according to the estimated time given by a GPS. So you do not need to worry about additional charges due to bad road conditions. 

Movers will also take the same precautions they do while working in the rain, wrapping furniture before it is exposed to the elements, and never allowing items to sit needlessly outside. 


So far, we have talked only about how bad weather affects moves on the pickup and local side. But what about long distance moves? First off, it is important to mention everything mentioned above still applies on the pickup side. The movers still need to have safe access to your pickup location and if they do not have appropriate access additional charges may apply.

While your items are in transit, Eagle Lines will always do the best we can with delivering your itesm as fast as possible. Very rarely, does weather affect interstate deliveries. When it does though, it generally only affects the transit time by a day. While snow is the obvious culprit of this situation, occasionally, rain can also contribute to delays. This past fall, North and South Carolina received an enormous amount of rainfall in a short period of time. This led to major freeways in the area being shut down, forcing our drivers to take alternate routes that pushed back everyone's delivery by half a day. Events cuased by mother nature are unfortunately unavoidable, however they are only temporary and we do our best to minimize all delays.    


 The good news is that the weather experts are not prediciting another winter full of storms that brings feet of snow at a time. So far winter has been very mild, with temperatures above average every single day except one in December. Now if you remember correctly, we had similar weather last year leading up to the middle of January, and then we got buried. Temperatures are expected to drop back to normal temps by the end of the week. Only time will tell what this winter has in store for us. 

If you are moving long distance with a moving service, but you are driving your car to your new home instead of shipping it with an automotive relocation service, remember that it is possible that you can experience delays due to weather as well. 

Eagle Lines currently has winter rates available. To receive a quote from us, give us a call at (617) 923 - 3700 or fill out our online inventory form and one of our moving consultants will reach out to you. We also offer in-home estimates 100% free of charge and they come with no obligation. To set up a visual at your home, please call the office at the number above.   

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