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Top 5 Ways To Find The Best Moving Company For Your Move

Posted by Mark Machesky on Oct 25, 2015 6:22:28 PM

Finding a moving company to move your whole life to your new home is stressful, but it does not have to be difficult. Thankfully, with the magical world of the internet, everything you need to find, research, and select a moving company is accessible through your computer and phone. 

Finding the best mover is not always about finding the best estimate given to you. In fact, this is the number one mistake that a lot of people make when selecting a mover. The majority of reputable moving companies will be very close to each other in terms of price, it is the outliers that you have to look out for and be wary of. There are a number of helpful websites to guide you in your search for a moving company. We have listed the top 5 reputable sites most helpful to you and your search.  


1. Google

Google is your go to for anything you need on the internet, and finding a moving company is no different. You can adjust your searches with a few different keywords to hone in on the moving company you are actually looking for. For example, let's say you search "moving companies" on Google. Now because Google detects your location, you may receive information related to moving companies in your area, but because your search term is so broad, you may also receive irrelevant information or companies you are not looking for like nationwide van lines. You could instead, search for something like, "Moving companies in the Boston area." This will give you more specific information, in this case, movers who are located in the Boston area and know the area well. 

Eagle Lines, Boston Movers

2. The Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau is the one place online where you can truly receive non-biased information regarding a company you are contemplating on doing business with. For moving companies, you can search through BBB reviews and conflicts. If you do find conflicts, you can see how these conflicts were resolved as well as the dialogue between the firm and the customer leading up to the resolution. You can also verify basic company info like addresses and phone numbers. This is important because companies can act as if they are located within your area to try and earn your business and sometimes this information is not true. All address information is verified with the BBB. 

Eagle Lines, BBB accrediation

3. SaferSys

While SaferSys will not help you actually find a moving company, it will help you verify the information you found from other sources. With SaferSys you can search movers DOT #'s and well as their MC (Interstate Operating Authority number) to identify any regulatory violations. One particular section of SaferSys that is very helpful is that you can verify a moving companies size and fleet. 

If a moving company tells you that they do not sub-contract moves, or that they are not a broker, they should have more than one driver and truck/trailer (Power Units) to move you. Seeing companies that have listed only 1 truck and driver is a red flag, and if you like a moving company that lists that, you should ask them about it. With SaferSys, you can verify information that a moving consultant is giving you.

4. Moving Scam

Moving Scam is a great web site to find risky moving companies. They also have a blog with a lot of helpful information related to moving. You can search for movers by zip code, or if you have a company already in mind, you can search for that company directly. The difference between moving scam and other review sites is that moving scam is operated by individuals who are actually in the industry. This is what enables them to filter out the legitimate reviews from the illegitmate ones. Due to the fact that most reviews sites generally have negative reviews (People often take the time out of their day to post on them because they are upset), it is a good sign if the moving company you are looking for doesn't have a presence there at all.

5. is a great website if you want to input some basic information about your move, and then let the movers come to you. can have up to 4 moving companies on average contact you to give you an estimate. Please be aware however, that you will get emails and phone calls from these companies, so you may want to only give out information that will not disturb your day. You will also need to research these companies, because even though the website says they do all the research for you, they do not get into the details of each company. If you use the websites listed above, you will be on the right track to make the correct decision. 


As always, it is important to do your homework before you ultimately decide on a moving company. While price is often the most attractive factor, you have to be careful and consider other factors as well in order to have a good experience. Using Google, you can find many moving blogs that will provide helpful information. We also have a blog here at Eagle Lines that lists a variety of different posts related to moving and relocations. 

I hope this information was useful to you. If you have any questions, please call us (617) 923-3700. You can also email us at


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