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Top 10 List of the Best Moving Websites

Posted by Mark Machesky on Feb 19, 2016 2:01:22 PM


Your Top 10 Best Websites for Moving

Moving is one of the most common experiences that everyone has or will experienced at one point in their life or another. Did you know that on average, people move 11 times during their lifetime? Who knew, right? Now I know what you are thinking but I am here to tell you moving that many times does not have to be a bad thing.That is why we have listed the best resources to help you with your move.

Because moving is such a stressful process, there are literally millions of websites you can find on the topic. Not all information and content is the same however and some websites share and explain information much better than others. There are also other sites that may not seem so obvious when moving like Waze or USPS but they are important none the less.

IIf you stumbled on this blog by accident, or were looking for a quote, you click Home up above to go to our main page or feel free to also get a quote from us. No phone call necessary!


1. Your Local Movers Blog


Do not underestimate the blog of your local moving company. Many movers post content weekly in order to show a potential customer that they do in fact know their stuff when it comes to moving. At Eagle Lines, our goal is to post at least 3 articles a month on our blog. We hope that this allows customers to find out information important to them instantly, even when our office is closed. You can find common questions answered there, like how to prepare for a move in the snow, Shuttle Fees, and how to eliminate stress from your move. Generally, if we hear the same question multiple times, we like to write the answers to that question and have it accessible on our site. 

2. Screenshot is a great website that can have multiple moving companies provide you with free estimates for your move. This saves you the time of having to look for each company yourself. Of course, nothing is stopping you from receiving quotes from other companies as well. also is partners with websites like and These websites can help you look for an apartment, while also connecting you with moving companies at the same time.

Keep in mind though, that if you do put your information into this website, you will receive calls from multiple moving companies. This can be a burden to some if having your phone ring more than usual will disturb your day. So be prepared to receive many phone calls/emails if using this website.


3. YouTube

YouTube for Moving Help

Do not underestimate YouTube!  YouTube is often over looked when it comes to 'how-to" and instruction videos but it is a great source for learning virtually anything online. If you search for moving help on YouTube, you will find thousands of helpful videos. The most valuable of them being how to properly pack boxes, because although it may sound simple, many customers pack boxes incorrectly and this results in damages. 


Zillow Homes

Zillow is your go to source for all things home sales. You not only can look for homes to buy or sell, but it also has a helpful interactive map where you are able to see what prices homes are listed for in your area. You can also use it to research new neighborhoods that you are considering and check out any home listed virtually.

5. Livability

Finding the best neighborhood with livability

Now there are other things to consider when moving besides the just the home you live in. How is the neighborhood? How are your neighbors? To answer these questions, you can turn to livability. Livability uses different factors to give each city/town a livable score. Factors include, health and wellness, population, diversity, median income, and "walkability."

6. Waze

Waze Moving Traffic

One of the major challenges with moving to a new neighborhood is knowing the traffic patterns ahead of time. You do not want to be late for work on your first day! To solve this, Waze has created an app for android or iphone that allows users to see real time traffic data. How do you know you can count on it, you ask? Waze uses real time data from drivers currently driving on the roads you are planning on taking. So you know what you are seeing on your phone is accurate and isn't info from 20 minutes before.

7. Area Vibes


Area Vibes is very similar to Livability except it allows you to search neighbrohoods in each city in more detail. This is important because although certain neighborhoods may be listed under the same city, there can be huge differences between them. 

8. Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator

Of course there is no use looking at new homes if you are not sure what you can and cannot afford. Mortage Calculator allows you to consider different loan amounts with different interest rates, so you can get an accurate idea of the cost per month of the new home you are considering. 



USPS's Change of Address page is the perfect page to notify them of your upcoming move and make sure you do not miss out on any important mail.This is especillay helpful when you do not have time to track down each account that sends you mail and change your address directly with each one, although you will have to do this eventually. 

10. Apartments

Find Apartments is your go to site if you do not want to buy a home just yet. It works for very similar to any home or apartment database, allowing you to search for apartments to rent in any area of the country. You can also set minimum and maximum monthly rent prices as well as select how many beds and baths to further refine your search. 


There are other great websites and sources of information out there as well, but these are some of our favorites. The important things is that they tell you accurate information and that you trust them. 



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