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Steps You Can Take To Eliminate Stress From Your Long Distance Move

Posted by Mark Machesky on Nov 17, 2015 11:02:26 AM

Preparation Is Everything

Chances are you have been researching moving companies online and have come across a few links that deem the process of moving to be stressful. No kidding. For most of us moving is inevitable but the more you know about how the whole process works the easier it is. 

At Eagle Lines, we strive to make the moving process easier everyday and one thing we have learned over the years is that, no matter what your move entails, knowledge about the process will help you receive the best terms and rates for your move. This is especially true for long distance moves, because it requires much more planning than a local move.

Long Distance moves require much more planning because delivery windows and the higher costs associated with them. We have listed some steps below that you can take to save yourself time, money, and headaches.    

While every moving company is different, the vast majority follow the same basic structure when moving customers over a long distance (200+ miles). Reducing stress from a long distance move is is easy when you know how the process works and what to expect. 

1. Understand What First Available Delivery Date Means

Moving companies do not base long distance delivery dates off of the days your items are picked up. Not every customer is ready to receive their shipment right away, because of this movers base their long distance deliveries off of customers' first available delivery dates. 

Your first available delivery date is the very first day you can receive your items for delivery. Moving companies will not deliver before that specific day but they also do not begin your delivery window until that day as well. This means that if your items get picked up on November 1, but you mark your first available delivery date as November 15, you will not receive your items between November 1 and November 14 and the earliest you will receive your items is on November 15. Now the most common misconception about first available delivery dates is that it is the definite, guaranteed day you will be receiving your shipment. THIS IS NOT THE CASE! Your first available delivery date is just that, the very first day you are telling movers you can receive your items. Keep in mind there is a delivery window associated with whatever part of the country you are moving too. Some are longer than others depending on how far you are moving. 

2. Prepare For Your Relocation

Preparing for you move is also important, because long distance moves require some time waiting for your items. Because of this, there are certain things you should not have your movers move, and instead take yourself.


While it may seem obvious, many people only take the bare minimum amount of medication they feel is necessary based on the assumption they will get their items during the first half of the delivery window rather than the second half. While it is true moving companies want to deliver your items as fast as possible, it is not worth risking not having the required medicine or prescriptions available when you need them. 

Important Documents

Behind housing and family, employment is one of the main reasons people move, and employers need certain documents in order to process you into their company. Essentially, any documentation that you could need within the first month or would cost a massive inconvenience if lost should be taken with you. Common documents that should be taken are social security cards, birth certificates, work visas, and passports. Luckily, with more and more companies becoming cloud based, some documents are easy to recover if lost. Always prepare and think about the documents you should take yourself during your move ahead of time, and then once more a day or two before your movers come. What do you absolutely need to bring with you?

Make Sure You Pack Your Boxes Correctly

Did you know most insurance companies will not cover damages occurred during your move if the customer packed the boxes themselves? This is why it is extremely important to pack your boxes correctly. If you do not wish to pack your boxes yourself, ask your mover. Many customers elect to pack the majority of their boxes themselves and let the movers pack the delicate items. This saves some money while ensuring delicate items are packed correctly. 

3. Be Sure All Items Agreed To Be Moved Are Listed On The Contract

Price is something that will always be important to everybody. This is why Eagle Lines has written many articles about how to save money during a move. Just as important as saving money however, is eliminating surprise expenses. If you are using a reputable moving company, surprise expenses are relatively easy to avoid. The most important thing, is making sure the list of items on your contract matches what actually is to be moved. 

4. Communicate Any Conflicts of Schedule With Your Mover

Related to First Available Delivery Dates, you should also let your mover know if there are conflicts with your delivery window and to do so before you agree to terms with a moving company. As was stated earlier, moving companies will deliver your items within a certain window. If you have any conflicts with that window, you should express this to your moving consultant. Sometimes, because of the conflicts, that mover may not be the right fit for your needs. Other times, movers can work around that conflict to still serve you. Regardless, it is important to talk about any scheduling conflicts with your moving company ahead of time so you and your mover do not get placed into a situation where they have no place to deliver your items. 

Note: A lot of people move because of a new job. This is great! Congratulations! Because of the desire to show their new employer you are a hard worker, many people want deliveries at or after 6PM to avoid having to leave during the work day. While this is understandable it is not always possible. At Eagle Lines we always do our best to give you the best delivery possible while trying to limit the disruption it causes for other customers. If we can deliver at those times, we certainly will. Know that most employers understand that moving companies delivery during business hours usually and expect you'll have to miss some time in order to accept your shipment. 


It Is All About Price And Transit Time

9 times out of 10 price and the time it takes for you to receive your belongings are the most important things to think about when moving long distance. Understanding how movers price their long distance quotes and the structure of their business helps you understand both of these. 

Eagle Lines offers binding quotes to the list of items as well as some of the fastest transit times in the country. Being an independant mover and owning our own trucks and trailers helps us accomplish this. You can receive a quote by phone at (617) 923 - 3700 or by email by filling out our inventory request form

Eagle Lines has been a premier Boston mover for over 24 years. We do both residential and commercial moves, as well as local and long distance. We also provide labor to help load self storage containers. Thank you for reading up on long distance moves, if you like, you can check out other helpful tips related to moving here



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