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So, You Need To Move

Posted by Mark Machesky on Apr 7, 2015 10:13:46 PM

With more and more people looking to move as the weather starts to heat up, we thought it would be a great opportunity to provide some helpful tips to prepare you for your upcoming move. After all, everyone in the Boston area deserves a little warmth after the winter that we have just had. If you want to avoid another winter like last year, you are going to have to move. Boston is a great city but unfortunately we do have a long, hard winter season. 

If you have finally had enough, there are some things you can do to prepare for your move that will make it easier and less expensive.

Make An Inventory List of Your Items

Any professional moving company will want a detailed list of the items you plan on moving. Moving Services want to earn your business not only for your upcoming move, but for any future moves as well. They do this by earning your trust and giving you as accurate as a moving quote as they possibly can. Without an itemized list of the items you wish to move, an accurate estimate is impossible. Most moving companies will offer an inventory sheet to help you create your list of items, or they will have an electronic list you can submit to them to receive a quote. Eagle Lines' list can be found here

Request As Many Moving Estimates As You Can

Once you have your list of items finished, you can call or fill out moving services' inventory forms and receive quotes on your move. If a company is willing to send a representative to your home to actually take a look at your items, you should allow them. This not only will help the movers but it will also help you. There are less surprises when a moving service actually sends a consultant to your home because they know what you need moved because they physically saw each item, and they also can determine during the visit whether any of your items requires special attention that you may not have thought of. 

Time to Declutter!

Once you receive your moving quotes, you now should have a general idea of how much the move is going to cost you. While all your quotes will probably be within a certain range, usually somewhere in the middle is what you'll end up paying. This would be a great time to determine what you are actually comfortable with spending towards your move. If quotes are little higher than you expected, one option is to sell some furniture that you can live without. One great service that can aid you in this quest is Canary. They can help find your furniture a new home and assist you every step of the way. 

Time To Plan The Move

Ok, so we are skipping ahead here. Before you actually plan the move you should select a mover. While there are many ways to choose a mover, in the end you should go with the company that you were most comfortable with. Bad movers will leave you with a terrible gut feeling, whether something seems off about their prices or they just had bad service. You'll know a great mover when you see one because you end conversations with a great feeling and trust that they will take the utmost care of your items. 

Once you do have your move scheduled, you need to plan accordingly. If you are moving locally, there probably isn't too much planning needed because you can come and go to your new home as often as you have access to them. You will also receive your clothes no later than the next day so it isn't like you need to pack like you are going away on a vacation.

Eagle Lines Movers

Long Distance moving requires a bit of planning and preparation. Depending on where you are moving, your items can take as long as three weeks to arrive to your new home. This means that you will need to prepare to not have some items for a while. One of the most common but often overlooked items is prescription medication. It is important that you take all the medication you require during the delviery window. It is not worth chancing on guessing when your items will arrive. Always over estimate the time you believe you are going to have to wait, just to be safe. Another thing to keep in mind is your work schedule. If you have already found employment in your new city, you may have to take a half day or even a whole day off work to accept the delivery of your items. Most employers are understanding, and realize that deliveries come when they come, so they don't mind you taking some time off as long as you give them a 24 hour heads up. If you have any special requirements as far as a delivery notice, please notify your mover when you schedule your move. 

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