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No Help From Yelp

Posted by Mark Machesky on Mar 24, 2015 8:56:59 PM

 When choosing a moving company in Boston, how do you know which one to choose? 

The best way to find a mover is through friends. You know them, you trust them, and they are comfortable enough with you to share their true experiences when using a moving company. Also, if you are a pleasant person, they wouldn't want to lose you as a friend by referring a horrible company to you.

If no one you know has used a moving company recently, you'll have to do the research yourself. This will most likely be a combination of calling each company, researching their licenses and insurance, and of course browsing your way through customer review sites.

Customer review sites' value can be enormous. As we mentioned above, hearing about another person's moving experience can be extremely beneficial when deciding which moving company to use. 

When Customer Review Sites Fail to Provide you with Honest Feedback

There are a few different reasons why customer review sites can fail you. The first being, there is just no accountability on the sites. Anyone can just write anything, even if they have never used the service they are reviewing. This misleads the consumer with a false review be it negative or positive. How you can make a decision about such an expensive purchase like a moving service if you cannot trust the source?

There are also issues ethically with these customer review sites. Companies like Yelp for example, generate revenue by selling advertisements on their sites, promising to get your ad to the top of the page and also to help "manage" your reviews. Tell me, how does on manage their reviews? Your reviews are your reviews whether they be good or bad. What is there to manage?

Yelp approaches local businesses attempting to get them to invest in their advertising program. They are a business after all and should have the right to generate revenue however they see fit, just like every other business. What is a problem however is what happens to businesses who refuse Yelp's services. When this happens, a local business often sees their good reviews fall under the "filtered reviews" category. All the bad reviews then float to the top and most visible portion of the page. Why is that? If you believe Yelp, they say they have an algorithm in place that determines whether or not a review is reliable. Unreliable reviews get placed in the "filtered" category while the trustworthy and "useful" reviews get placed on top. At Eagle Lines, we've actually had customers give us great reviews, only to have them get sent down into the "filtered" category. So these same customers have written us the exact same review except decreased their rating to one star. Magically, that review remained at the top of our reviews. Not only increasing its visibilty but also degrading our overall rating on Yelp. 

There is a growing awareness in the United States of Yelp and their dishonest and unethical practices. Below is a short video that is gaining steam across the country. If you wish to learn more, you can go to and hear from other local businesses around the country.


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