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Moving to Boston

Posted by Mark Machesky on Jan 22, 2015 12:19:00 PM

People move to Boston for a variety of reasons, as the city has so much to offer and is generally considered a "walking city." If you are moving to Boston, the first question you should be asking yourself is, "When is the ideal time to move to Boston?" And "How much can I afford to pay for rent?"  Those answers vary based on your needs and budget but are important to consider. If you can you want to pick any move-in day that is not August 31 or September 1. The Reason? Boston is a college town, and most leases are structured as year long leases starting September 1 and ending August 31. (College semesters start in September)

You also need to decide which of the many neighborhoods in Boston should you move to. This decision is based entirley upon your budget, however other factors may affect your decision, like whether or not you have your own car.  The neighborhoods in Boston vary greatly in size and location. Neighborhorhoods closer to dowtown generally have higher rents while neighborhoods farther away from the core of the city tend to be relatively inexpensive (Note the "relative" term there). Neighborhoods in Boston include the South End, Southie (Not the same as South end), North End, East Boston or Eastie, Charlestown, Back Bay/Fenway, Mattapan, Roxbury, Jamaica Plain (JP), Dorchester, Roslindale, and Allston/Brighton. Also do not forget adjacent neighborhoods next to  Boston like Cambridge, Somerville, and Quincy.The more expensive neighborhoods include Beacon Hill, Back Bay, and the North End. You can find lower rental prices as you head away from the downtown area, in neighborhoods such as Allston/Brighton or Dorchester and Jamaica Plain. 

Getting around is relatively easy in Boston. The public transit system reaches all ends of the city, including some parts in the suburbs. This makes taking public transportation convenient and relatively inexpensive. If you know someone from the area, you probably know that owning and driving a car in Boston is not ideal. Many neighborhoods in Boston have limited street parking available, and adding to the parking limits is the congested housing units in and around the city. In other words, unless you can afford to purchase a parking space in a garage, you should do everything in your power to avoid having a car. I personally live in the North End neighborhood of Boston and parking is brutal. I have spent a lot of time over the years searching for a spot on my way home from work until I finally gave in and just went with garage parking.  

Boston Movers 

Boston experiences all four seasons. Of course it depends entirely on your individual preference, but I find the summer to be the best season in Boston. It is the perfect walking city and the warm temperatures and clear skies help you enjoy the city that much more. Of course both fall and spring are nice as well, they are just a little shorter and more unpredictable than the other seasons. The winter is by far the most challenging of seasons in Boston to move, as the weather during the season disrupts parking( See above) and generally just makes a mess of the city. 

While the high volume of universities in the city help paint Boston as a college town, it is also a great sports town. Home to the Boston Red Sox, Fenway Park is one of the most historic ball parks in Major League Baseball. The Bruins and Celtics can also be found on the other side of town. And of course with all the sports teams and universities around, there are plenty of restaraunts and bars to choose from around the city. 

Because we are a moving company, it only makes sense to mention some things to consider related towards actually moving. Whether you are hiring a professional moving service or doing it yourself. If you remember nothing else from this blog remember this, trucks cannot go on Storrow Drive! Yes, your GPS will tell you to take it because it does not realize you are driving a moving truck, but if you do take it with a truck you are guaranteed to run into problems. The bridges are too low to accomodate trucks. So either plan a different route or hire a moving service that knows the city and has experience moving within it. 

Also remember that Boston is a very old and historic city. This means that many units that you'll find for rent do not have the friendliest stair cases. It is not uncommon for it to be impossible to fit some of your larger furniture into your unit because the stair cases are too narrow. When this is the case, furniture usually has to be crane lifted through your windows. Adding to the cost of your move. 


Thanks for reading about our city! If you would like to discuss moving in Boston further, please give us a call. If you would like to fill out an inventory and receive a quote from us, please click on the button below. 


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