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Tips to Help Make Your Move Easier

Posted by Mark Machesky on Oct 30, 2014 4:27:37 PM

There is a reason why people dislike moving. Just the planning process alone is enough to make even the experienced mover crazy. Moving, in general, has a reputation for not being fun or exciting. A study inquiring about what stresses out Americans the most yielded the following results; Death, divorce, and moving. Now, anyone who has never moved before will shrug this off as people over reacting but to the people who have moved before, especially more than once, they have a 100% understanding of why moving belongs in that stressful category.

 As a moving consultant, it is my job to help you understand the complexities associated with your move, and to reduce each complexity as much as possible. Below are some helpful tips that people who are new to moving usually do not consider.

 1.) Ensure you know ALL of the items that you are moving. Every moving company will give you an estimate over the phone. These can be very accurate as long as you are detailed and do not leave out anything you are moving.  You will most likely need to take an inventory of all your items before calling the movers, that way you are prepared. Always accept and in-home visual estimate if you have the time, as this eliminates you having to take the time to inventory your items and most movers will give you a binding estimate to the list of items they take inventory of.

 2.) Understand your insurance coverage. Moving companies are required by law to offer 60 cents per pound, per item, of coverage up to $20,000 dollars. Read that sentence again. You probably saw coverage up to 20,000 dollars and thought, “Wow, that is great!” What you probably missed was the fact that the coverage is based on 60 cents per pound. That means that you would have to have an item damaged that weighed 33,333 pounds to get the full $20,000 dollars. So a 60” lcd tv generally weights anywhere between 75 to 100 pounds. That means if that tv is damaged during your move and you have elected basic 60 cents per pound coverage, you receive 45 dollars via claims. I don’t know about you, but I have yet to see any lcd tv for 45 dollars.

 It is best to ask your moving consultant about additional insurance if you are concerned about your items and wish to have additional insurance. They can go over insurance options with you and even recommend a reputable third party insurance company.

 3) Know you need a box to transport your TV! Speaking of tv’s, do you still have your original box? If you are like most people, you do not. It is important to let your moving consultant know this because most moving companies will not move your tv for you if it is not properly packaged and/or boxed. Tv boxes are also very expensive, so it is good to consider this ahead of time so you can look for the right box for the right price. Great places to look for a box if your moving companies’ options are too expensive are Lowes, Home Depot, Public Storage, Uhaul, and even Amazon.

 4) Read you contract. Although you should always read every contract concerning you, a number of people do not read their moving contracts. Not only does reading your contract thoroughly protect you and help you know your rights, but there is also a lot of useful information pertaining to your move. For example, most movers do not cover press wood or particleboard furniture items. The reason for this is furniture made of this material gets damaged very easily. Because of its low cost and furniture stores like IKEA, particleboard is very popular, and a number of people have them. Regardless of their popularity, movers and moving insurance companies do not cover them, due to their fragility. This is stated clearly on every contract, however this information often goes unnoticed until it is too late and the items are already damaged.

 5) Communicate any special requirements for the move. This is extremely important if you are moving long-distance. Many movers cannot guarantee delivery days unless it is a local job (Within one state). Instead, most movers give delivery windows based on your first available delivery date. Your first available delivery date is the first day you are present and able to receive your items at your delivery address. For example, if you are moving from Massachusetts to California, and you will not fly to California until a week after your items are picked up, it is important you let your mover know that your first available delivery date is a week after your pickup date, rather than right away after pickup.

 6) Overestimate the number of boxes you are going to need/have. Almost everyone underestimates how many boxes they will have, and based on how much you underestimate, this can drastically increase your costs.

 7) Ensure you have parking permits if you live in a congested city. Cities often have less available parking spaces than in suburbs, mainly because of the absence of driveways and a more congested population. This is why it is important to inquire about parking permits before the movers show up to your door. Movers that do not have a place to park will charge you if they get ticketed parking illegally, and they also may charge if they have to walk farther than a set amount of feet from your door to their truck.

 8) If nothing else, always ask your mover if he/she thinks you need to consider anything else regarding your move. A good moving consultant should ask you questions about your move in order to get the most information possible pertaining to it. They are after all the professional movers, where as even if you moved multiple times in your life, you probably do not have the knowledge they have after moving 10 to 20 people per day for years. Their job is to ask you plenty of questions, and answer any and as many questions as you have as well. Take advantage of that and you should have a smooth, stress-free move experience.

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