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Finding the right Boston Moving Company

Posted by Mark Machesky on Mar 20, 2015 12:11:32 PM

Why Eagle Lines should be your Boston Mover

Finding the best Boston mover in the area can be difficult. There are so many choices to choose from, it is hard to separate the companies that are honest and reputable from the companies that should be avoided. There are of course customer review sites available to help aid you in your choice, however many of these websites are unreliable due to a lack of accountability. Some reviews you'll see on Yelp for example, come from individuals who never moved with the company in the first place! Because of this, the best resources available when choosing a moving company are accredited sources like the Better Business Bureau and determining whether or not your Boston mover is fully licensed and insured. 


Below are some of the top reasons why Eagle Lines makes for a great Boston mover. 

1. We are an actual Boston Mover!

We are located in Watertown, MA, which is only 15 minutes west of Boston. Being this close and being in business for over 24 years, we have seen almost everything when it comes to moving in Boston. We strongly believe that a Boston moving company should know the different areas of the city well. This helps them plan your move efficiently, ultimately reducing your stress from the move. Moving is stressful enough, you do not need to hire a moving company that will bring a truck to small or the wrong tools for the job. Our moving consultants often know exactly what street you live on before ever having to look it up on a map. This helps us ask the right questions pertaining to street access as well as your streets parking situation. 

2. We are fully licensed and insured.

It is of extreme importance that your mover is fully licensed and insured. You do not want a mover damaging property in your apartment complex only to find out they do not have insurance. In this case it is you who ends up paying that bill. When choosing a licensed and insured mover, you can have peace of mind that the moving company has both state and federal athorization to move your household goods, as well as enough insurance and liability coverage to protect you and your residential building from any expenses if there is any property damage. Eagle Lines is insured for up to 2 million dollars for liability, property, and workmen's compensation.   

3. We conduct both local and long-distance moves

We can you move you anywhere! It does not matter if you are in Boston, moving down the block, or in Watertown moving to California, we have the tools to get you where you want to be. We are not associated with another van line, so you can contact us at any point during your move.

4. Free in-home estimates

Eagle Lines provides free in-home estimates for larger and/or more complicated moves. By doing so we are able to offer firm binding quotes based on the list of items we take inventory of. It is mutually beneficial as we know exactly what you are moving, and you know the exact price! 

5. Competitive Rates & Service

We have some of the lowest rates in the industry. Our local moves are charged on a per-hour basis and our long distance moves are based on the number of items you are shipping. We are able to charge lower prices because we are locally owned and do not have bloated marketing budgets like other moving companies. Our travel time for your move is fixed and guaranteed and we guarantee our pickup dates and windows. Our hourly rates are also fixed and we do not charge an overtime hourly rate.

Eagle Lines moves and delivers 7 days a week! 

6. Our staff is very professional and experienced

Our movers have vast experience in the moving industry and many of our crew chiefs have been with us for a minimum of 3 years. This means that you will not be getting novice movers when you book a move through Eagle Lines. We do not use day labor for our moves and all Eagle Lines movers go through an extensive training program in order to be qulaified to move your valuable household goods. 

7. We offer storage options

Eagle Lines offers storage options suited to your individual needs. Storage options are available upon request. You will find that rates for our monthly storage are 20% less than those you find in self storage locations. For our long distance moves, we offer up to 30 days free storage if needed, so you can take your time traveling to your new home. Overnight storage is also available. This is useful for customers that are buying a new home, and do not close the sale until the next day.

8. Professional Packing Services

Eagle Lines also offers professional packing services. Packing services help put your mind at ease during your move, knowing that your items we packed correctly and safely. If you wish to pack your boxes yourself, we also offer free box delivery within the metro-Boston area. 

Eagle Lines disassembles all furniture during your pickup, as well as reassembles all furniture at your delivery location. Your items are professionally wrapped and padded before they are loaded onto the truck and will remain that way all the way to your new home. 

Eagle Lines also offers unpacking services , Eagle Lines will unpack all boxes at your new home and take them away once the job is done.

At Eagle Lines, we realize we are not the only Boston moving company you can choose. We greatly appreciate your business and our moving consultants are happy to assist you with any questions regarding moving, even if you are not sure if you are actually moving or not. We believe that knowledge of the moving process greatly reduces stress, and creates an easier move not only for our customers, but for us as well.


Have a question about moving? Give us a call at (617) 923-3700 today!  

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