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Don't Forget Your Packing Supplies!

Posted by Mark Machesky on Jan 12, 2015 10:11:00 PM


Packing is arguably the most important part of moving. People who need to move tend to worry about their furniture first and everything in boxes second. It seems that once something is in a box the, "out of sight, out of mind" mentality begins to take shape and people shift their focus towards item in view. 




When it comes to packing your boxes, not all boxes are created equal. Believe it or not, size does matter! Heavier items such as books and magazines should go in small boxes that are easy to pick up and are not bulky. You do not want to lug a box down a flight of stairs in a Boston building built 100 years ago if the box is so big you cannot see your next step! 

Of course there are also boxes that are meant for specific items. Letter boxes come in handy when you are moving a home office and have important documents to bring with you to your new home. Do not fill wardrobe boxes full of office paperwork though, it would be impossible to lift (If you can lift it though, call us...seriously, we'll hire you). 



If you have stuff to pack but are unsure of the type of box you need, you can click here to get a list of what items go best in what box. You of course can always give us a call here at Eagle Lines at (617) 923 - 3700. A moving consultant would be happy to guide you through your packing needs or answer any questions you have regarding your move. 

Eagle Lines also offers free box deliveries (within the metro-west area) for any purchase of boxes for $50 or more. The great thing about buying boxes from Eagle Lines is, whatever boxes you do not use, you can return to our movers the day of your move for credit! This way you can ensure you have the correct number of boxes for your move without worrying about spending unecessary money.


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